Pharaoh’s Lost Queen

Hailey Resendez, writer

January 31, 2020

Part I Long ago in Ancient Egypt there was a King who only cared for gold causing him to be blind by greed. One day his wife the Queen of the Nile came to him to confront him for his Queen hasn’t seen her beloved husband for ...

College Scares

College Scares

October 29, 2019

Just A Wish

Hailey Resendez, Writer

October 8, 2019

Whenever you blowout a birthday candle everyone always asked “What did you wish for?” or “What is your wish?” Some tell others don’t. For most it’s more toys, games, money, fame, a relative, a lover. For me it was...

A Moonlight’s Tale

Hailey Resendez, Writer

September 5, 2019

At first when the sky came to be. The Moon was dim and lightless. As darkness fell upon the land at the end of each day and the sky grew dark and empty. The Stars would wake from their day time slumber and gather for their midnight...

A Short Story: Can’t Last Forever

Hailey Flores, Writer

August 22, 2019

He Knew It Couldn’t Last Forever. They Are Two Different Beings for she was the opposite of him, she was that of a white rose, pure and kind, her heart made of gold filled with love for everything around her… including him,...

Short Story