Weekly Horoscope 2/2-2/8

Aries – You might have chemistry with someone, but there is a lot of emotional trauma you have not dealt with. You should consider whether or not you are ready for another commitment. Someone who you loved has never really understood you, kind of like talking to a wall.

Taurus – Money, success, and fulfillment. Your loyalty will be rewarded, so do not stray from those you are most loyal to. You have yet to confront your weaknesses, and you might think you have none. Reevaluate those feelings, quickly. Underneath the facade of strength is a very vulnerable person.

Gemini – When you see the number “7” this week, you might soon have to make a very important decision. Something in your life is not what it seems. You will not automatically be good at the new thing you want to try. It is going to take a lot of patience and hard work, but you’ll get there.

Cancer – The honeymoon phase; whether, it be a new person or a new job you love, you need to embrace this feeling. This chapter of your life will be a good one. In the back of your mind, you know what you need to do. Will you?

Leo – To figure out what to do next, you need to be alone. The people that are around you do not have the best energy for what you need. You do not need anyone to teach you or help you grow right now. This will be a tough decision, to cut them off for a while.

Virgo – Stop and breathe. You are coming close to a “crossroads”, do you know which direction you will take? Just know, you do not need to do what they expect you to do. Your life, your rules. Look at your actions, and ask yourself “who am I?”

Libra – You are heading towards a more playful version of yourself. You are taking things too seriously, or have been around someone who is very serious and a little controlling. You are almost ready to get away from that, and people like that. Freedom is love and love is freedom.

Scorpio – You are finishing something. Your hard work WILL pay off, and partners who are promising will NOT bring disappointment. A relationship is ready to go to the next level. A new creative project begs for your attention.

Sagittarius – There is a sexy and passionate lover or person in your life that you would like to tie down. It could also be the other way around and they need you to commit to them. Either way, there is a level of commitment here that you are not ready for. But someone really does have all of your attention, huh?

Capricorn – Trust your instinct! It is the time and you have to do this now. You are too good for this person, they have their claws deep into your skin and you like it. Deep down though, you know that it will not be good in the long run. You don’t love them like that anymore.

Aquarius – Someone is keeping their eyes on you from a distance. They can’t get you out of their head, and continually check up on you throughout the week. This could be someone you once thought about having a life long commitment with. Be careful.

Pisces – After a long time of seclusion and self care, you are heading toward something much brighter. You are heading towards clarity, faith, and peace. If you let someone fool you, you could easily head in the opposite direction by accident. Trust those you know best.