Pharaoh’s Lost Queen

Hailey Resendez, writer

Part I

Long ago in Ancient Egypt there was a King who only cared for gold causing him to be blind by greed. One day his wife the Queen of the Nile came to him to confront him for his Queen hasn’t seen her beloved husband for many moons but the king was too blinded by greed to neither notice nor care. She begged and pleaded with all her heart for him to stop with his greed and selfish desires. To pay attention to his subjects, their friends, and their family.

But the King was far too gone. As the argument went on the Queen had enough, with a heavy heart she asked him “Would you my Pharaoh choose between your gold or your family?!” 

The Queen swore that his words were like a spear to her heart as the King responds to her. “Why my gold of course! For the title of Queen is nothing more but another pet to the Pharaoh.”

The Queen was heartbroken she looked to the man who she thought was her husband, “So all the dates, kisses, and even our marriage is nothing to you. You’re so focus on your gold that you haven’t even spent any time with our son! Nor the fact we haven’t talked in so many moons!”

“How dare you talk to your king like that! You should be put to death like all the other varmints! But since, you are my ‘queen’ you can be lock up in your chamber for the rest of your life/” He stated almost in an animalistic growl.

“As you wish my ‘King’.” 

In great sadness and despair the queen left to her chambers, as the queen reached her room she felt a sharp pain behind her and screamed in pain. The guards run towards their Queen’s room once they heard her scream only to find themselves too late for the queen was in her own pile of blood and the heir gone.

The head guard had gone to the king and with a heavy heart told him about his family. It was at this moment did the King realize his mistakes and sent the guard away as he mourned alone for his queen, his beloved Night Star, his Queen of the Niles and the baby that he should’ve spent time with instead of his gold.

For many moons the king spent his time staying in his chambers mourning for his beloved Queen till a Royal Magic User came to him with an idea.

By using one of the queen’s items and infusing it with magic so the queen can be recarnated  as a human. The item would be left in the Pharaoh’s tomb where the recarnated queen would have a force push her towards the tomb. In case, someone other than the queen comes closer to the tomb they would have a dangerous curse laid upon them. When the queen enters the tomb of the king he would awake from his slumber to join his queen once more.

“how am I to know for certain that it is my queen of the Nile?”

“The recarnation will have many aspects of the old queen, both physical and mentally. But to know for certain, the recarnation will have one factor of the queen that stands out the most to you.”

“The only factors that I have really remembered my queen having is her warm, blue eyes, that curious spirit, her love for the constellation, and that blue flower birthmark. After all, those are some of the elements that made me fall in love with her.”

“As you wish, my Pharaoh. The ritual will happen after your death.” 

That night, the pharaoh staggered into his chambers with his mind filled with memories of his beloved. How they used to sneak out of the palace to see each other. How his queen would recall stories of the constellation and her own tales of the moons and sun hidden in a secret field filled with her favorite flowers. How his love looked when he proposed to her on that late desert night. With that, he made up his mind. With the dagger within his hands, he pierces his own heart with it.

“Soon we will be together, my beloved Night Star.”

With that, the king took his final breath.

The legend goes on still to this day. The location of Pharaoh Sifye‘s tomb is still unknown to this day. Whether the legend of him and his queen is true or not, we know for sure that the king will rise once more.