Weekly Horoscope 1/26-2/1

Yesenia Flores

Aries – Start to plan how you want to go forward. You are coming to a crossroads in life and you should reflect on your past, so you can know where you should go now. You’ve been back and forth on two options for a while. Enjoy your success, you did it and you should be proud.

Taurus – The more you try to control a situation, the more likely you’ll be disappointed when it doesn’t turn out how you planned. There is someone or something you have been ignoring that needs your attention. Someone in this situation feels overpowered and under-appreciated.

Gemini – Underneath it all you really don’t know where you’re going or why. You have an ongoing issue with codependency. Love can be addictive, and when we’re addicted to someone we can easily forget who we are without them. If you are confronted or argued with, this week, refuse to be a victim.

Cancer – It is worth to stay this time, but do not forget you’re allowed to walk away. This is your story and your life, don’t let anyone else write it. Do not be afraid to be alone. You were okay before this person. Nothing is stopping you from turning your ideas into reality.

Leo – Someone in the relationship isn’t putting in the effort. Remember how good the relationship was in the beginning? You can get those butterflies in your stomach again. Put in the work. You’re likely to receive a message that involves money or your career soon. Change for the better.

Virgo – New business opportunities, promotions, and gifts are things you might have to look forward to this week. If you’re overthinking, you’ll lose sleep. For your health, go slow. If you’re overwhelmed, let something go. You can go back to it later. Don’t treat a relationship like a job.

Libra – You are giving your love and energy to the wrong people. You have a lot to give and they are sucking you dry. Even though you’re letting them, it’s okay. It happens, and you’re not weak for letting it get this far. Just remember, you’re strong enough to break the ties. They think you can’t.

Scorpio – Take back control of your life by finally making the right choices. You have been diving into situations blindly, hoping for the best. Life is unfair and you could get yourself into trouble if you don’t make wise decisions with patience and research. There is an unexpected gift waiting for you this week.

Sagittarius – The beginning of one thing sparks the end of another. Be prepared to possibly say goodbye to something you lost interest in once you started falling for something else. You can’t fully love both at the same time, one has to go. Do you have friends that can support you?

Capricorn – It feels like no one is listening, like you’re speaking in tongues and they refuse to take your problems seriously. Who you count on most is not there for you when you need them. There is nothing wrong with you, they just aren’t as good of a person as you thought.

Aquarius – By the end of the week, you might need to be the unbiased mediator for other people who are having a disagreement. You always mind your business, while they tend to get in messy situations. There is somethingĀ  to be celebrated, congrats! You should be happy!

Pisces – You are fulfilled and you are loved. Do not forget that. The world is yours this week and you should try to enjoy it. Don’t get stuck in your head. It is okay to be a kid for awhile! Do not take everything too seriously, okay? There is a lot of attraction here… a lover?