Stop Pushing Your Veganism on Me

Jordan Henderson, Writer

Animal cruelty is a major problem. However, there are also human being in the Middle East in forced labor factories, men, women, and children. People are also living in poverty, war torn cities, and in abusive homes all over the world. These are also problems that need to change. However, it seems to be a lot of peoples focus is on peoples dietary choices. Instead of being concerned over everything listed, they focus heavily on someone eating a meat and cheese sandwich for lunch.   

            If you want to go vegan, that’s your decision and not anyone else’s. Having said that, it is none of your business to tell people what they can and can’t eat. Not everyone can maintain a vegan diet. In fact, for a lot of people, veganism is a very big health risk. Don’t even think about trying to tell someone to put their health at risk to satisfy your views on animal rights! It is not healthy at all! Stop saying a strict vegan diet is healthy, it’s not!

            As for health risks, a lot of vegans loose protein and B-12 because their diet lacks these vitamins that are needed to keep the body’s nerve and keep blood vessels healthy. Some vegans also become very weak because their bodies are not receiving the proper vitamins and proteins to build their muscles.

            Other health problems that a vegan diet can give is nausea, muscle pain, headaches, and Cardiovascular disease. In a study from the BMJ, researchers discovered that vegans have a 20 percent higher risk for hemorrhagic stroke. Vegans are also at a higher risk of getting strokes than meat eaters.

            At the end of the day, people all over the world need our help, yet most people seem to put their focus on livestock and some person’s dietary choices rather than the human being suffering. For example, a lot of people, including vegans, wear clothing all the time from forced  labor factories in the middle east with people working in horrible conditions all day everyday with very little pay! So, if we should all just stop eating meat and dairy to satisfy your animal rights movement, then why are you probably wearing clothes from these factories? Of course you probably don’t care, the innocent people working in these places are not animals, so why bother, huh?