Weekly Horoscope 1/19-1/25

Aries – The people who get to know you find you charming and funny, but were hesitant of you at first. You put on a show to avoid revealing anything deeper inside. This is common in people when they have been hurt many times, but what is beneath is gorgeous. Find balance.

Taurus – It is time to move on. You are focused on something that is long gone. If you want to be happy in the present you can’t live in the gray memories of a dead relationship. You need to block someone ASAP because they’ll try to contact you. Release them!

Gemini – You are capable of acquiring many skills. What skill are you going to master next? Your road is blocked because you refuse to someone or something you should have left a long time ago.

Cancer – If you don’t start doing work that satisfies you, you may never be truly happy. If you can, build up the courage to pick up the paint again, typewriter, guitar. Whatever makes you, YOU. Keep an open mind and understand that you may not be able to do this next chapter alone.

Leo – Everything you hoped you would receive, you can obtain. If only you would stop doubting yourself. The key, for this week, is to have faith in yourself. Look at the night sky and find a star, then look in the mirror and see the same star. Financial gain is almost certain this week.

Virgo – There are possible pregnancies. You haven’t been the best at communicating your tender emotions. You might just laugh off the idea of love and assume it isn’t for you. On the other hand, you could want it so badly but you don’t know how to open up to someone and find “the one.” Work on balancing logic and intuition.

Libra – Learn to cope with stress and anxiety. This could be the beginning of a long and tiring process, but you have to start somewhere. A small step in the right direction is still good progress. Do not compare your progress to anyone else. You are you and that is pretty special.

Scorpio – Keep an eye open for the number 7. It is considered a VERY lucky number. Something might come out of the blue and be very shocking but it will be okay. Just breath, you got this. Here is some advice for you: admit when you have lost and learn from failure. The sun will rise again.

Sagittarius – You always seek justice for those who have been wronged but why don’t you give yourself the same respect? Would you ever do yourself what you do automatically for everyone else? You love having fun, but you’re lonely sometimes. Take care of yourself, please.

Capricorn – If there were no mistakes made in the world, we would have never learned what NOT to do. All you need is a bit more discipline and less self-loathing. Be considerate when you counsel others. In order to understand how others are feeling, first navigate your own emotions.

Aquarius – Although there is baggage that you would like to pretend isn’t there, you do a pretty good job of living your life to the fullest and using the past experiences to your advantage. You have the attention of a fire sign, enjoy it. It could last awhile, decide who you want.

Pisces – Do you truly know yourself? Major life changes help us understand ourselves a little more by seeing how we react to them. An air sign influenced person is on the horizon. They make you laugh and you like them. You will probably fall very fast, is it true love?