The Diary of Jack the Ripper

Shasta Orozco, writer

The entire story of jack the ripper wasn’t a pleasant story to hear and caused many people to freak out or be cautious or surprised. Jack the ripper was just an ordinary human being he was a friend, neighbor and husband. He disguised himself with the name Jack the ripper to hide who he truly was. He’s real name was James Maybrick and he’s wife’s name was Florence Maybrick. The story of jack the ripper all began in 1888 on August 7th, to September 10th in Whitechapel district in London’s East End. James brutally murdered five women within a mile apart in little cities near London. In the diary he wrote everything he did to the five suspects with the exact time and place. He wrote them down with evidence that he could only know. He even bought a watch and carved the victims initials into the watch and spelled out “I am jack”. He brutally chopped up his victim’s and left them in the most horrible conditions that they couldn’t even recognize the bodies of the females. He even wrote anonymous letters to the police services in London admitting to the crimes and giving them signs to who he really was. All of the murders where marked with sadistic butchery and proving that he were a sociopathic. Jack’s wife Florence was noticing him acting different and very odd. She started to investigate her husband and find out what he was doing. In her mind she thought that he was having an affair or some sort. James started noticing that she was on to him and completed his dairy with all the information on why he killed them in such a horrific way and he said that he was into human anatomy and was fascinated by the pain that he can cause on someone. He then explains why he was so brutal and left all the female’s in pieces and made them be unrecognizable. From the start he was planning on giving his diary to someone so they could turn it in and then he can get way more fame then he already had. So Florence ended up finding his journal and read it and was shocked of how horrible his crimes where and felt sick to her stomach once she realized that he was Jack the ripper. She wanted him to pay for his crimes and was planning something to get even with her husband and punish him for his crimes. James ended up finding out that his wife Florence found his diary and knows what he did. He left his diary in a box with his good friend Michael Barrett to turn in his journal and get his story told. Florence had already planned out what she was going to do him so she made him dinner and waited for him to get home and she served him dinner as he sat down on the table and poisoned his food. He then began eating and she just looked at him with disgust on her face she then made eye contact and told him that he was going to pay for his sins. He then passed away and his diary then got out and then a bunch of investigators had to look into his journal to make sure it was real and not a fraud. It took several months to finally realize that it was the original copy. Now everyone knows his story and why he created such crimes.