The Dangerous Effects on Child Beauty Pageants and Why They Need to End

Jordan Henderson, writer

Child beauty pageants are not “cute” or “funny”. They are toxic in a child’s life and in their development. Why is it that some parents choose a trophy or a tiara over their child’s mental health and happiness? Is it really worth it? Little girls should be living care free and happy, after all, this is the one and only youth they have along with the only life they have. Is it really worth putting them through things such as this just to get cash and a tiara? Win or lose, child beauty pageants will always cause a negative impact on the lives of innocent little girls.

TV shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras, show you what goes on in these pageants. The parents who force their little girl to be in these events most of the time make the experience about themselves. There were parents who even shamed their daughter for losing if she lost. Others blow off and overreact to the judges when their daughter loses.  Most mothers who force their daughter to attend where former pageant contestants themselves and want their daughter to “carry it on”. Others didn’t succeed in life, so they put their daughters in these pageants to succeed for them. For those who win, the parents, mostly the mothers, brag about it and pretty much say “I won”, when their daughters win.

Losing a beauty pageant may cause a crisis in someone’s life, but for young girls it will. The losing child might feel “ugly” or “not beautiful”. They may start worrying about their appearance early and get the sense that they need to do harmful things to become “perfect”. Eating disorders are a common one on this, because little girls in these pageants will worry about their appearances, they might feel they need to eat less to be “beautiful”.

In these pageants, most of the time young girls are forced to wear inappropriate outfits at such a young age by their parents. For example, they might be forced to wear fishnets, or skimpy outfits. Some others are forced to wear fake breasts and dress up as sex symbols. This teaches little girls that they are only worth their sex appeal and this may lead to premature sexual activity because their moms decided it is okay to dress their child as a stripper at such a young age! There are also adult judges, who actually give points for sexual appearances. This is not okay at all and should not be allowed! How come the parents aren’t concerned about it?

Children in beauty pageants don’t get the proper development they need and deserve. They are taught to defeat competition at all costs regardless of the outcome to it all. It also shuts down a child’s development. Young children in these pageants do not learn what they need to learn in life, this means they won’t be able to develop into the well civilized adults they deserve to be.

Abuse plays a very big role in these events. For example, one mother forcing her daughter to wax her eyebrows unwillingly. Another example, another mother bleaching her daughter’s teeth to make them whiter. Some others are emotionally abused by their parents if they lose. Sometimes, the mother blames her daughter for losing and tells her to “step it up”.

Children need to be free and happy, away from this kind of stuff. They cannot make adult decisions like this at such a young age. Let them grow up to be what they want to be, not what you want them to be, just to satisfy your “legacy” of attending beauty pageants. If in the future your little girl wants to do this, wait until the day she actually wants to do adult beauty pageants. If its not what they want in life, don’t force them, leave it to the big girls!