My Moon, Your Star

Hailey Flores, writer

The day I was born you saw a star

You saw that I was the brightest star you had

Though I wasn’t supposed to live to be one

You called it a miracle

Like you I saw you as my own star but instead of a star you are the moon

When I felt lost and I couldn’t shine as bright

You shined for me always encouraging me to shine the brightest I could

When I felt like I wasn’t as beautiful as the other stars you made me feel beautiful

In return the days you couldn’t shine your beautiful moonlight I would shine for you

When we both felt lost in the dark we had each other to hold and love

Now because of you my moon I am the brightest star there is!

Thank you my best friend, my moon, my mother

You will always be my moon as I’m your star

I love you to the moon and back