Final Four


Jake Bruton

The last 2 games before the Super Bowl are coming up and here is a little info.  Last weekend; the Green Bay Packers took on the Seattle Sea Hawks and won 23-28; the San Francisco 49ers took on the Minnesota Vikings winning 10-27; the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Houston Texans 31-51, where they were down 20 at the half; and finally the Tenessese Titans dethroned the Baltimore Ravens beating them 28-12. All of these games were a sight to see. So much skill and talent was shown on those fields Saturday and Sunday.

The last 2 games will be San Francisco taking on the Packers at home and the other will be the Titans and the Chiefs in Kansas City. Kansas is favored to win this game; however, the Titans have earned their spot taking on and beating the Ravens. In the other game, San Francisco is favored to win over the Packers: the game will be a show of teamwork and heart since both of these teams are so good.

My predictions for the Super Bowl are the Chiefs vs the Packers. For one I am a die hard Packers fan so I have to put them on top. Nonetheless, the Packers have a lot of talent on their roster that puts them above the 49ers in my opinion. With Aaron Rodgers still throwing dimes like he is in his prime and the great defensive aggression on the other side of the ball. The Chiefs are absolutely stacked with Patrick Mahomes taking hope from every defense that try to stop him.