Weekly Horoscope 1/12-1/18

Aries – Wisdom is waiting. Try to act with precise timing and consideration before acting on anything hastily. If there is something you have been putting odd, you have to be honest and communicate with someone. Do not put it off too much longer, you’ll only be disappointed.

Taurus – You have many dreams, but do you have any discipline? Test your limits. Do not be afraid to push yourself farther than you’ve gone before. This is how we grow and learn. Even if we know we will fail, we try again. Do not let failure get to you. You are well protected.

Gemini – Is someone who you consider family getting in the way of your healing or growth? There can be so many burdens and darkness from the passed, caused by the people who should love us the most. You don’t need to forgive them, but you should work towards moving on peacefully.

Cancer – Separation is in store for you this week. You may have heated arguments. This could happen at an event/party. This separation comes from something greater- a fresh start. You might not see it now, but this will be a good thing. You’re forced out, but you’re going somewhere better.

Leo – Above everything, you want to be recognized for your hard work. Your art. Your blood, sweat and tears. Do you think giving up is really the BEST option? No. You can do this. One day at a time. You just have to wake up, and put in the work. Keep an open mind this week.

Virgo – It is worth the wait, I promise. You may not know where this is headed, but you don’t need to know. It’s okay to dive into something before understanding every detail about it. You deserve a time of healing. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment. Whatever comes, let it come.

Libra – You already have what you’re wanting! It is waiting for you! Enjoy the rewards that are coming to you now. If you receive a gift be sure to say “thank you.” You’re ready for a new beginning. Do not wait for someone to tell you, just DO IT! Embrace creativity this week!

Scorpio – There is a LOT of attraction here. Some of you want to be around this person all the time. It is infatuation that could turn into love soon. Yet, you’re still carrying around a fair amount of baggage and disappointment from your recent past, and afraid to tell them how you feel.

Sagittarius – If you look for what you expect an opportunity to look like, you might miss it. Try to see the world like a child would. Everything is so new. No need to lose sleep over a lover. I get the feeling this is true love.

Capricorn – Someone is being very possessive. Either over another person or over belongings. Usually possessive behavior stems from an insecurity. You can’t live your life afraid of losing what you have. You really don’t own anything. Just yourself.

Aquarius – Think about why you crave control. Sometimes I feel like you never take proper time to heal from the past or any pain. It could be lingering there, affecting your daily life and important decisions. Let go of the control you have over your heart for a moment and cry.

Pisces – This week revolves around you finally taking time to plan everything out. You don’t need to do anything quite yet. You have time to take this slowly, and carefully. There is no pressure to make the “right” decision. Whatever you choose will be the right choice.