Weekly Horoscope 1/5-1/11

Yesenia Flores

Aries – Powerful news is coming to you soon. You have a fresh start, maybe a new hobby or class? You are learning a new skill and are going to succeed at it. If you look at your surroundings and inside of yourself, you will find everything you need. The answer to your question is no. Be careful, bitterness is near.

Taurus – Do you lie awake thinking of the choices you have to make? You are strong, but unsure right now. You fear you will make the wrong decision like last time. Do not follow the path of addiction, clear your head in the sun. The answer to your question is yes. Have fun.

Gemini – Is everything ok? Some recent rejection or disappointment has left you feeling vulnerable and weak. You are thinking of taking a risk, but don’t do it. Take the slow route, and you will find security. The answer to your question is no. Your judgement is off.

Cancer – I know you’ve been staying up late for no reason, your mind is just busy right now. The new year is full of promises, and you have many lives depending on you. It can be stressful, they will come to you for a heart to heart conversation. Be careful, someone is lurking.

Leo – Look inside of yourself to figure out what really needs to change in your life. Is it them? Or you? By the end of the week, you will be feeling very flirtatious and might make a spontaneous choice. Which is fantastic but try not to be impulsive. Magic is in the air.

Virgo – Defend the things you love. True courage is knowing when to walk away, not staying for the ride. Do you really know yourself? Pay attention to your actions, which are louder than your words. Can you keep two things going at once? Maybe…for now.

Libra – Be passionate as you start off this new year. I know you have a lot of plans for yourself. You WILL see them through, but you have to take the first step. Something big will inspire you. Dive into your passions again, FEEL something again. Your family is holding you back.

Scorpio – Something happened last September that you haven’t fully dealt with. Be careful, you might be getting in the way of someone’s relationship. There are two lovers that you dream of, but only one touches your soul. Are you brave enough to face them? Yes, of course.

Sagittarius – Financially, things are good. Try to be more social this week, if you can. Being alone doesn’t have to be your life. You can thrive with others and learn something. Can you be patient? It needs more time, you don’t have to jump into it now.

Capricorn – Something has officially been completed, congratulations. A new relationship or friendship is very likely, but it might not blossom. There will be communication issues with this relationship, plans might not goes as you hoped. You might get lost on the way to a date.

Aquarius – As you begin to conquer your world, and become independent, you maybe become separated from someone you love. There is a new business plan that you should pay attention to. Communicate your ideas clearly. Success comes with seclusion, but it makes it harder to stay strong.

Pisces – The number “7” is important this week. There is something that you put all your energy into and it did not turn out how you hoped it would. Fortunately, there will be another opportunity for you. For love, express your interest. It’s a new year, don’t be shy. Face your fear.