Toyota is building a “Woven City”

On January 6, 2020, Toyota announced they were going to begin building a “woven city” in Japan during the CES convention in Las Vegas. The CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, appeared to explain the plans for this city.

This city will be 175 acres and will be designed by the Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels. Although the cost of this project was not revealed, it is expected to be billions of dollars. Toyota thinks an estimated 2,000 people can inhabit this city when it is completed. Toyoda explains that Woven City will be a “prototype town of the future where people live, work, play and participate in a living laboratory.” This project is expected to be built in phases, but they will not be breaking any ground on it until 2021. Toyota did not estimate a completion date but the goal is for people to move in within five years.

Woven City is going to be fully hydrogen powered. Inside residence homes, robotics will help assist people with their daily lives. Toyota claims that homes will have AI devices that will “check on occupants health and take care of basic needs and enhance daily life.” Outdoors, the streets will be separated into three parts: one for faster vehicles,  one which is parklike and reserved for pedestrians, and the third is for a mix of slower personal mobility and pedestrian traffic. Only zero-emission vehicles will be allowed on main thoroughfares.

Toyoda told reporters, “We welcome all those inspired to improve the way we live in the future, to take advantage of this unique research ecosystem and join us in our quest to create an ever-better way of life and mobility for all.”