Weekly Horoscope 12/1-12/7

Aries – Is your freedom missing? Sagittarius season may have you thinking back to a time when you could be free of commitments. Decide what is valuable to you and remember that love is freedom. A love that oppresses you is not true love at all.

Taurus – Do not be afraid to speak your mind and make sure that your ideas and needs are heard. You have a voice. You might feel like no one understands what you’re saying right now, maybe you’re moving too fast.

Gemini – A choice is upon you. You need to make this decision carefully. You need to either make the compromise or let go. Someone in this situation keeps changing their mind, is it you? Something about you craves instability. Why?

Cancer – Trust your gut. Make sure your intentions are understood and act as soon as possible. You need to believe in yourself. Is your family getting in the way of your love life? Something from your childhood is preventing you from opening up to someone.

Leo – The question for you this week is, are you going to do what inspires you or makes you money? Do you think what inspires you will not only fulfill you but earn money too? There is good news for you this week, be prepared to celebrate it. Let things unfold naturally.

Virgo – You grew closer to someone you drifted away from. You had time to reevaluate the situation and realize where your heart truly belongs. You are growing more independent each day.

Libra – Flowers and the color gold are important this week. You are so in love you feel like your heart is ten times the size it was before. The sun is shining down just for you and your love but is the sun so bright you forgot to pay attention to the red flags?

Scorpio – Are you in competition with someone? Our mind is quite imaginative, and sometimes we become paranoid that someone is thinking ill of us. When in reality, it was just in our head. You have broken a few hearts and lived, but what is the heart you break is your own?

Sagittarius – You are on the path of accomplishing great things and soon will be praised for your hard work. Keep going down this path, if you want to fulfill the fantasy. For love, fight for the truth. Be honest and do not betray a soul. This love is true and this love is good.

Capricorn – Avoid being mean or petty, it will not get you far. Loyalty is rewarded. Who are you loyal to?You need to be your own anchor in hard times. When there is no one to help you in times of trouble, you must learn to cope on your own.

Aquarius – Get in touch with your emotions and do not run from sorrow. Sorrow is one of the most important emotions we feel because it is a lesson. It is a release. Cry it out or scream from the top of your lungs. Remember the good.

Pisces – A separation is followed by a new beginning. You can start over again, after this passes. Without them there is a whole world in front of you. You’ll live. You’ll breath new air and touch new skin. It is time for a new long term plan. Use the past as a lesson for the future.