AHS Lockdown

Shasta Orozco, Writer

This week’s article is going to be about the shooting that happened in Santa Clarita, California at a high school. The shooting caused one to be dead and multiple injured.  This shooting took place on Thursday morning about 8 A.M.  At Saugus High School.  The suspect was an asian male wearing black clothing who was last seen at the high school. He left two injured males and one female turned out dead and left one in fatal condition.  This was another tragic situation and is impacting everyone. These situations  cause everyone to be carious and be really worried because it’s scary. People have to plan and be prepared for situations like this and be able to know what to do to help people out or to help themselves. It not only affects the people in her school, or family but it affects everyone around the world because it’s a tragic event. This event causes everyone to be freaked out and panic because any school can be next and causes all the school districts to be on alert.