Hero from Fire

Shasta Orozco, Writer

This week’s article is going to be about how a 12-year old boy from Ahwatukee who is being called a hero by saving his family out of a burning house. The father of James said that they where planning a boy weekend and have a fire burning and then an ember fell and made the fire ignite and cause it to spread and act out. hey both jumped into action and put the flames out with water and a fire extinguisher. They thought they were safe and eventually decided to turn in for the night. Ryan took a sleeping pill and fell asleep on the couch while James looked at videos on his phone. That’s when James heard an explosion. “It was just like a boom,” James said. “It, like, shook everything and then my TV fell down.” James looked out his window and saw the flames had already spread. “I see an orange glare in the woods. I ran downstairs, opened the door and saw the tree as on fire. My heart just dropped. I was so scared,” James said. James ran to wake up his dad. He started screaming, but Ryan was knocked out cold. Eventually, James poured cold water on him, waking him up. James said they were able to grab one of their dogs, Duke, but Georgia, their pitbull-mix didn’t make it. 12 News reached out to the fire department for more information on what caused the fire but has not yet heard back.
James is known to be a hero by thinking smart and helping out his family. He was aware of what was happening and yet he still moved quickly and saved his family.