Weekly Horoscope 11/10-11/16

Aries – Something in your family is making you anxious or angry. If they sincerely apologize, could you forgive them? This week is about connecting to your inner youth. Past karma is balancing right now. Fears that you have battled for years are being conquered, have courage.

Taurus – You need a vacation. You need to evaluate this situation from far, like outside influences. Someone is suffering from unrequited love. Why won’t this love work? Someone would rather focus on their job than their relationship.

Gemini – Are you dealing with a water sign, particularly a cancer? You might want more than one thing right now. There is a path that can lead you down the ideal life path (house, kids, etc.) but the other path is much more passionate. A third party is getting in the way of your ideal life.

Cancer – Make the effort for love. If you try, they’ll try. This can be a great beneficial relationship for both of you. But before you make a big decision, take a moment to look at where you are and where you’ve been. Is there any old baggage you need to dump first?

Leo – Treat your health as your greatest asset. You are so disciplined on your current project or path. You are dedicated to a fault but now you’re tired. Do you remember why you started? Do you still love what you do? Do you love yourself anymore? Try to remember.

Virgo – There is some soulmate potential going on in your life right now. But be careful of lies and miscommunications. Things that are hidden, are about to come to light. A powerful air sign may influence and confront you soon. Hearts may break, but it’ll be better for you in the long run.

Libra – Can you cope with change? Change is coming but it will be a good change. New love, resolved issues, a change of scenery. Whatever demons you’re battling now are going to be defeated very soon.

Scorpio – There might be a pregnancy, maybe a boy? Scorpios, you are THRIVING. You are coming out of the dark after so long. You are living your life unapologetically. Someone, an air sign maybe, might be trying to persuade you this week… will you listen?

Sagittarius – You’re dealing with an earth or air energy. Some of you may encounter a very wealthy and brilliant person. Someone is trying desperately to make you change your ways and beliefs. Will you change to please them?

Capricorn – Are you trying to reach out to an ex? If they wanted to reach out, they would. You’re better off apart. Any relationship starting now might end quickly. On the plus side, you’re feeling a sense of freedom or joy that you’ve missed for so long.

Aquarius – You may have gotten what you wished for, but it didn’t satisfy you, did it? What will you wish for this time? What do you really want? You’re tired and feel defeated. Take what you care about most and start along a new journey. It is time to take your own path.

Pisces – Your keywords this week are strength, power, victory, and discovery. You’re going to be fine. This is new air. This is a new lover. This is a new you. You cannot be defeated. You’re receiving relief you’ve needed for a long time, mental stability.