Weekly Horoscope 11/3-11/9

Aries – The love in your life is true, it burns slow and steady. Someone in your life is charismatic and self-assured. Could it be you? Walk with your head held high, someone is making you anxious. Maybe your boss or someone in a higher position over you?

Taurus – You need to be more independent. Find your voice, and speak your truth. Avoid rumors and gossip, engaging in secretive behavior can come back to haunt you. Deceptions around flying around you right now.

Gemini – You’re going to encounter a phase of instability and change. Keep your options open, you’ve become too possessive of materialistic things. Money is not everything. Try not to put your love into people who do not love you back.

Cancer – It is a beautiful week, enjoy it. Allow yourself to dabble in romance. Don’t be afraid to be silly. There is new love and your heart is full. Can you escape the past? Can you let your doubts and insecurities and the weight of the world go for a bit to enjoy this moment of bliss?

Leo – Be careful of lies. Someone might be deceiving you. You might not really know them. They have turned into what they think you want them to be. Do you fear truth? Have the courage to stand up to them. What you are chasing after, you already have access to.

Virgo – Ease pressure, allow yourself to relax. Finish only what needs to be done before starting a new project. You give everything, but do you receive? Is this friendship or relationship beneficial? Everything you want, you can have. Just reach out.

Libra – Your creativity will reach new heights, as you begin this week. You own the room and steal hearts. What will you do with all these hearts though? There are more opportunities for you than you are currently aware of.

Scorpio – This is maybe one of the biggest weeks of your life. There is something begging you to change. There is going to be something big happening to you that changes or fades away. Someone involved in this situation is a fire sign.

Sagittarius – Is this person “the one”? The answer is no. There are many people in your life who can be the one. This person is very important and will teach you growth, though. Spend time with them and try to expand your thinking process. Are any of your problems self made? You can’t avoid them for much longer.

Capricorn – Protect everything you love and own. Throw a party and be the guest of honor. Someone might try to take your work or steal your ideas. Stand up for yourself. Liberate yourself from bad friends and toxic behaviors.

Aquarius – The answer to your question is “yes”. Someone is becoming way too possessive of their belongings. Protect what you own, but do not let what you own define who you are. You are special with or without those things. If you’re looking for love, stay optimistic. It will find you soon.

Pisces – You can’t sleep at night, did you lose something that you thought was going to be a happy ending? The one who got away was one of your soulmates. You can live without them, but it will be difficult for awhile. This is the time to reevaluate what your heart needs.