Day of The Dead

Hailey Flores, Writer

In this special month,

In which everything is party and dance,

We remember with love

Traditions and praises.

It is necessary to remember

That even with faith,

That we will meet again,

We remember his adventures.

For our loved ones

We build an altar,

For their souls and heart beats

We sense coming back!

So we celebrate them

With large pieces of bread,

Placed on altars

With flowers candles, mezcal!

These exquisite breads,

That are Colorful,

Of horn and bone shapes

We will leave for them.

To make them happy

In their fleeting visit,

In this land of love

The memories that leave.

For me it is a great gift

To be able to find them,

On such special days

And be able to enjoy them.

If my dead ones knew

How much I miss them,

They would come every day

And would be very pleasant!

I wait for them sitting down

For I know we’ll converse

These two nights full

With atoles and cookies.

Dear happy souls,

Knowing that we love you,

We remember your love,

And await your return!