Jade Perez’s Spooky Story

Jade Perez's Spooky Story

Joslyn Rico, Writer

I lived in a house in Roswell my 7th grade year. Me and my brother were alone in the house because my parents had a business meeting. I decided to ask my brother if he wanted to play hide and seek. He refused at first but then he agree to play. My hiding spot was on top of a cabinet above the toilet. From my point of view I could see who goes in the bathroom and who exits. So he was seeking for me and he went in the bathroom a couple of times and I saw him leave. About the tenth time he went into the bathroom I started to get tired. He went out of the bathroom and I sat up real quick. And I looked down to see how far I was up from the ground, and then I saw the cabinet door open slowly. The cabinet door was strong so you had to pull at it for it to open. I saw my brother came back in and I was in awe. I told him what happened and we made sure nobody else was in the house. We never knew what happened, and I don’t think I ever will.