The Importance of Journalism

Bailey Pruitt, Editor

Journalism is a way for current news, ideas, and media to get out to the public. Journalism comes in many forms: newspapers, online outlets, news channels on T.V. Honest, good journalism is important to the way society functions. Take the presidential elections for example, if everyone reported honest news about each candidate, there will be little debate on who should be elected. Or if there was mass hysteria because of crisis you would want to be receiving constant reports. This is what journalism does; journalists provide the country with constant news to keep our citizens aware. It is important for everyone to find a need for journalism and use it as a way to be informed. It is also important to discover for yourself to find an outlet that reports honest news as well as lines up with your morals, ideas, and beliefs. On the other hand, it is also important to view opposing outlets and decide for yourself what is true and what stand you want to take on the topic. Keeping yourself aware is key to making a difference in your country, community, or the world. Journalism allows the country, community, or world connect through news.