New Mexico’s First Indigenous People’s Day

New Mexico's First Indigenous People's Day

Jake Bruton

For the first time New Mexico has celebrated its first Indigenous People’s Day. More and more states are transitioning from celebrating Christopher Columbus, “the first man to find the Americas”, to celebrating the people who were here before he ever “found” this land. The Native American, in all truth, were the first people to live and cultivate in America.

The United States is starting to transition to this celebration for the many Native Americans that fought the violent Christopher Columbus. Baley Champagne a Native American in Louisiana says that she wishes to make this day a celebration of learning about Native Americans. For Native Americans, Columbus Day has been hurtful. It reminds them of the violent history of 500 years of colonial oppression at the hands of  the European explorer and those who settled here.

Christopher Columbus did not find the America’s, he took the Americas away from the Native Americans. They were not as colonized as the Europeans but this land was still their land. Through time we can learn from our experiences, because this is a land for all.