Spooky Stories

Shasta Orozco, Writer

This week’s article is going to be a variety of spooky scary stories. The first story is going to be one that you’ve probably heard of which is Bloody Mary. The story Bloody Mary is a tale that is told about a girl being a witch and then little girls started to disappear in there town and people started getting spooked out and scared. The with had set a spell on the little girls. Only the little girls could hear this enchanted sound so the little girl arose from her bed and walked out of her house and walked towards the woods. They found the witch and shot her with silver bullets and then burned her at the stake and she set a curse on the whole town. That when someone said her name in front of a mirror her spirit will come alive again and haunt the town. After they put her to rest they then found all the gravestones of all the little girls who disappeared.

Another short spooky story that you probably heard about ass well is the story Jack O’Lantern.  The story started by a old man named jack and he just got old and weak and passed away. He then died and went to hell but the devil closed and gates on him. Jack had no where to go so he just came back to the land of living and wanted to make everyone suffer because he had to.  He then decided to hunt everyone in the land of the living. So he turned into a ghost and started to haunt people and scare everyone on Halloween night.

Another short story is The scarecrow which you probably heard before as well. Scarecrow has to deal with Halloween and is usually used as a scary decorations. The scarecrow ends up coming to live and scaring people. The scarecrow came to life during the night and began hunting people on Halloween. The night the scarecrow came to live he began traumatizing kids and caused them to have nightmares and be afraid and be scared of the night Halloween. So now when you see a scarecrow beware of him coming to life and causing you to be scared and to look at the night post every night to see if he’s still there.