The Joker: Movie of the Year


Bailey Pruitt, Writer

I recently saw the newest Joker movie. The movie is directed and written by Todd Phillips, staring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck (The Joker). The movie gives insight to everyone favorite villain. The psychological factors that led to his corruption that sets up for a perfect plot twist. Not to mention, the famous Bruce Wayne appears to show the connection between the two rivals. Todd Phillips thought of everything when producing this move: political factors, social factors, psychological factors, and biological factors.

All the actors played the characters extremely well making the superhero-villain scenario less comic and more realistic. Not to mention this film is pretty gruesome and perfect for the Halloween season. The Joker became a political hero in the worst possible way. This movie shows how he is praised as an evil force fighting for good.

Finally, the movie ties in perfectly to the Batman movies. Batman fans received the connection and background in this movie needed to understand the other side of the fight. Overall, this movie was an impressive piece that some are calling “Movie of the Year”. However, much of this movie is up for debate; the ending sends mixed emotions to all sorts of viewers. In my opinion, the movie was a winner and deserves all the credit it can get.