Hailey Resendez, Writer

I know the feeling of being numb

Trying to fit in with the pretty girls

Trying to be what everyone wanted but couldn’t fit their image

Thinking that your effort wasn’t enough

Wanting to feel something other than the numb feeling you get

Wanting to end it all but stop to think about everything you got

You have a family that loves you whether they are blood or not

It’s still something

Friends that make you laugh till you’re in tears from laughing to hard

People who don’t know you who tell you “Hi or how are you? How was your day?”

Your parents or guardians who support you

Whoever is there in your life

They love you with all their heart and would go to the ends of the earth just to be there for you

Whether their in town or in another state

They love and care for you

It may seem like it’s not true but it is

Trust me I should known

The feeling of being numb and hearing the voices we all our inner demons

But we can overcome it, why?

Because we are loved