Body Image

Shasta Orozco, Writer

This week’s article is going to be about body image. Body image is a big deal and is now a big topic world wide. Body image refers to how people see themselves. Disorted body image refers to an unrealistic view of how someone sees their body. Body image includes eating disorders and it is seen to be the most common in women and many men also suffer thesame disorder. Body image is the perception that has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from perception. These feelings can be positive, negative or both, and are influenced by individual and environmental factors.

Body image is a big topic in high school and along with many ages. Some people are so insecure with either there body shape or personality. Being insecure doesn’t necessarily mean body wise but it can be many things and affect your personal mentality a lot. Now days you find many people going on diets and many people working out. Diets can harm and affect you if your not taking care of yourself correctly. Being healthy Is also a big part of body image as well because some people can’t control many things about the body.

A person with a positive body image has a true and clear meaning of perception of their body shape and appearance that other people would agree with. They are proud of the way they look and take care of them self by making sure there eating a correct amount of food and not starving themselves. Some people feel the need to starve themselves and loose weight the bad way instead of the better and positive way. Body insecure can start at the age of five years. All you have to do is appreciate your body and accept who you are.