Breast Cancer Awareness


Bailey Pruitt, Editor

What is Breast Cancer?

Most breast cancer starts in the tissue ducts that carries the breast milk. These cancers are called sarcomas and lymphomas. Many of the cancers start as a lump in the breast and are malignant that invade other areas of the body. It spreads when the cancer cells gets into the blood or lymphatic system and are able to be carried to the other parts.

Treatment for breast cancer includes chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery dependent upon the stage of cancer. Treatment is often very expensive and exhausting for the patients. This month is dedicated to funding treatments and supporting patients in their struggle.

October is the national Breast Cancer Awareness Month. People show their support by wearing the color pink. The month is dedicated to raising funds for research and patients. The research includes looking into cause and prevention. The month also is there to educate patients on their disease and how they can cope. Finally, the month encourages those not diagnosed to be screened regularly so if they do develop breast cancer it can be caught early on. You can support this month by getting involved in a charity or participating in the fund raisers within your community. Millions of people are diagnosed yearly and a little support can mean the world to these patients.