Back to School

Back-To-School Essentials Sandy Hook Promise

A video released yesterday called “Back-To-School Essentials” shows the grim horror and reality of school shootings. A non-profit organization named Sandy Hook Promise, formed by the family members of the 18 children and 6 adults killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT in 1012, made this video to show the horrors of school shootings. This video starts out to appear as a commercial for back to school items, then it transforms into a PSA for gun reform and school shootings. There have been 228,000 students who have experienced a real life school shooting and the reality of this is becoming more intense and feared. This video is a punch in the gut to all Americans, visit to learn more and try to help protect our school around the nation. Their website gives facts about shootings, asks for donations to help provide safety to schools who might not have any, and gives information about themselves and news on what they are doing.