Dear Dad

Hailey Resendez, Writer

I am angry at the world and I often wonder why
I don’t want to throw my sorrow on all those who have hurt me
Yet you are one of the main reasons I cry
I cry because you weren’t there
When I needed someone to tuck me in
I cry because you weren’t there
For all the plays I have been in
I hold up my head and try to stay strong
Because one thing I always had was a mother who had to play both roles

You tried to buy my love
But no funds in the world could fix the hurt you have done
I was never searching for a perfect dad
Just a dad that could make me feel special

When I was younger I always had this crazy dream
Of waking up to the sound of your voice
I would run out of my room and jump into your arms
My mother would look over her shoulder and smile
Because finally we weren’t alone
You would look at me with great love in your eyes
And then whisper,
“I promise I will never…”
But then reality woke me up

Today I sit and wait
Wait for you to grow up
Wait for you to let go of your pride and put your daughter first
But one can only wait so long

You may be ready to act like a man when it’s too late
You will apologize and blame your fault on others
But all I will do is laugh because it was you who missed out
I will hold my head up high, and shed a tear
That tear represents my sorrows you caused
But I will let the tear go, and not dwell on it any longer