Hailey Resendez

Memories. They are the things we cherish in our minds. There are good ones and bad ones. The good ones are always worth remembering. Whenever they play in our minds once again, they bring happiness, laughter, and want.

Want because maybe the person with the good memories want that memory to repeat again. Anything to bring that same happiness feeling later on.

But the bad memories. What makes THEM? Well, they are created when something bad happens. Maybe a family member died, maybe a friend got hurt, maybe the one you love ended up in the hospital all because of yourself.

The reason for bad memories is to keep balance in the minds. The bad memories bring unwanted feelings. They bring horror, sorrow, madness, insanity, and want.

Want because the person with the bad memories will want them to go away. The person will always want them to NEVER be repeated. This person will always want them to be forgotten but it seems too hard to forget them.

It’s always hard to forget memories, whether they are good or bad.

People always tried to hide their pain of remembering bad memories. They give a fake smile and shrug their shoulders, telling the person who is worried “I’m ok”

But really they aren’t.

They are AFRAID the memory will repeat itself. They try their best not to think “It’s going to happen again” but they think that every second of their lives! Whenever there with family, friends, at school, or at home.

It’s always on their mind. They can never get rid of that sad feeling. That’s how bad memories are formed.

Not compared to good memories right?

Well I’ll explain good memories too…

Good memories, they repeat in dreams and such. Sometimes they repeat in reality! But these memories have lessened lately because bad memories are taking over. We push at the bad memories and when we think we’ve won, we still can’t get rid of that paranoid feeling.

We always want the good memories to repeat when were about to die, why? Because on our last moments of death we seem to be happy. Because we repeat the good memories! That compares to the saying ‘My life flashed before my eyes.’

So really, when you have a bunch of memories in your head, how much good ones do you have? Are there more than the bad ones, or are the good ones lessening every day?

To me, my head is filled with bad memories, there’s a few good but the rest are mostly bad.

Do you have enough good memories? If so, are they worth remembering?