A Moonlight’s Tale

Hailey Resendez, Writer

At first when the sky came to be. The Moon was dim and lightless. As darkness fell upon the land at the end of each day and the sky grew dark and empty. The Stars would wake from their day time slumber and gather for their midnight ball to dance their way across the heavens till morning came again a dark moon whom they feared will steal their starlight to claim as his own.
A crowd of men and women walk through the golden doors, with masks to the ballroom among the crowd was a man with a horned mask who didn’t shine as bright as those around him for he held no glow or shine, for he was The Dark Moon.
The Dark Moon walks towards a group of women smiling at them softly he bows down half way holding his hand out to them asking to dance. They looked at him in fear shaking their heads no, they flee away from him.
As everyone among the crowd of stars found partners to dance with, he turns to each side of his space holding his hand out to the other stars that in return turned to another star to dance with, none wanting to be around him.
In sadness and angry he bumped into the crowd of stars walking into the darker part of the ballroom where he was meant to be.
Hours turn, the stars dancing among each other while the moon was wrapped in the shadows away from them.
Suddenly the golden doors open unexpectedly as the sound of a clock dining again and again. Coming through the bright doors was someone they thought they would never see that night. It was the Sun in all her glory was she walked towards the crowd which all where bowing down to her and in return bowed back.
As she and two male stars talked to each other close to where the moon is. As the Moon looked up for the first time since the sky was born he swore he felt something he couldn’t understand, it was like a flame.
Suddenly the Sun looked at him her brown eyes meeting his dark orange eyes without him knowing he leaned forward brining him into the bright light of the ballroom causing the two male stars look in panic and move the sun away from the Moon.
The Moon looked down as he turned slowly going back into the shadows as he saw his shadow that looked like a man with horns which to him and every star here looked like a monster. Then the Sun’s eyes flashed before his own again as he remembered the look she had it wasn’t one of fear or disgust it was that of a kind and warm glow showing she wasn’t afraid of him.
Standing straight he turns back into the crowd heading to the Sun, the stars saw what he was doing and to protect the sun away from the moon the ran towards him blocking and holding him back but that didn’t stop him as he kept pushing forward till he fell forward trying to keep his balance which he lost as he fell onto his hands and knees his mask falling behind the sun causing her to turn and look at him.
Quickly he tried to reach for his mask but stop knowing it was to late for the Sun has seen his face, now standing up he smiled at her and bowed half way down holding his hand out to her, shutting his eyes tightly in fear of rejection once again. Suddenly opened in shock as he felt her dark brown hand in his pale grey causing her to smile and laugh at his reaction.
With her hand in his and his other hand laying carelessly at her waist. Soon there was a glow from the dark moon. Every star was amazed at the sight of the Sun giving the moon light. The Moon and the Sun danced as the stars gawked.
To the moon and Sun the no longer are in the ball room but in the night sky stars shining bright as the Moon and Sun come together. Suddenly the moon notices a pain coming from his hand and looks to see it buring causing him to loosen his hold on Sun’s hand alittle but quickly hads it back.
As they twist and turn the moon dips the sun down as she places her hand on his cheek with a loving smile which turned into a frown when she notices a small smoke soming from her hand and moves it away in horror when she sees she had burn half of the moon’s face.
Before she pulls her hand away from his, he grips onto her’s giving her a caring smile and continues to hold onto her. As their time comes to an end he lifts her up and kisses her as she kissed him back causing them both to light brighter than ever. Once the kiss ended he twirls her around before letting go as she walks to the golden door dissappearing from his sight.
He gave a small smile at the thought of seeing her again for their next dance to share.
“Ever since the moon has been illumating the night sky with the Sun’s light. His grace appearent, though his face is scared. Shining bright and more esquest than any star. Every once an enterinty when his scar heals, he finds her for another dance.”