Kevin Hart


Jake Bruton, Writer

Over the Labor Day weekend, a beloved comedian Kevin Hart got into a serious car wreck. He was driving with some friends in his new 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. He was with a friend and a female, his friend was the driver, the female was in the backseat, and Kevin himself was in the passenger seat. The female did not need any medical treatment; but Kevin and the driver have major back injuries. He and no one else in the vehicle were under any type of influence.

He was trying to get home when Jared Black, the driver of the other vehicle lost control and was sent off the street. Black and the female were both stuck in the cars by the roofs caving in. Kevin was able to leave the scene; his bodyguards showed up and took him to his house which was not far away. He and the driver both were sent to the hospital for further checks. There is no information on Jared Black now.

Now, Kevin Hart’s wife gave a statement saying that the people involved are all physically and spiritually “good”. Without the answering of the CHP (California Highway Patrol) this could have gotten so much worse than it is. Kevin is home now and is enjoying time with his wife and children. He is thankful and grateful for the prayers and he is thankful that it didn’t get as bad as it could have gotten.