Student Council


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Bailey Pruitt, Editor

On August 21st, the student body votes on class officer elections. In each class, students ran for a variety of positions: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and spirit leaders. Multiple students signed up and campaigned with posters, candy, and student signatures. Each student also prepared a two minute speech that was presented to the class.

President: Wesley Knowlton
Vice President: O’Brien Verdin
Treasurer: Riley Wortley
Secretary: Sadie Ramirez
Spirit Leaders: Taylin Lopez, BJ Gallegos, Chaise Wolf
President: Trenton Knowlton
Vice President: Braxton McDonald
Treasurer: Ashley Orozco
Secretary: Marcos Anchondo
Spirit Leaders: Trystin Garcia, Alayna Orosco, Wyatt Peak
President: Kaelyn Greathouse
Vice President: Carley Simer
Treasurer: Ana Loza
Spirit Leader: Abigail Rios

All students are invited to student council meetings on Mondays at lunch. Student council is a great way for students to advocate for the changes they want to see in their school. Student council also invites students to get involved with their class in pep-assemblies, poster making, and class competitions. Even if you didn’t run Mrs. Humble invites you to join student council!