Amazon Forest Fire


Jake Bruton, Writer

So, most know that the Amazon has been on fire for the past couple days. This is shooting tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and destroying the highest producers of oxygen and the highest consumers of carbon dioxide. A football field of forest is being burned every minute while Brazil’s government tries to find a solution to try and stop this. This isn’t even what most people are worried about.

More people are worried about how this can lead to more illegal deforestation. This can make climate change happen at a more rapid rate, since trees help consume greenhouse gases. Brazil’s government have held back the reigns on deforestation, letting people deforest to find riches. Even though this is becoming out of control and Brazil’s government let this happen the Group of Seven, a group of countries that are economically advanced, tried and give Brazil $20 million to help try and fight on the 26th of August. On the 27th Brazil rejected the $20 million.

Brazil at one point did try and prevent this until Bolsonaro, Brazil’s new president, took 25% out of their environmental protection program. He is trying to boost Brazil’s economic wealth and power letting deforestation run rapid throughout the Amazon. The mining and other big economic companies might not be the complete problem; but it might be the more local cow ranches that are trying to spread their land. Everyone in the world has their eyes and hearts on the fires of the Amazon hoping that it stops. If they do not stop the fires the Amazon that we once knew will be no more.