New Teacher Spotlight


Jake Bruton, Writer

Everyone welcome Mrs. Kinnibrugh, the new sophomore counselor for Artesia High School. She originally worked at the local middle school, Zia Intermediate School, as a seventh grade English teacher for 7 years. Before that, she was an elementary student teacher for about a year. Mrs. Kinnibrugh stated that she loves the job she is in right now, that it’s the perfect place it seems.

She worked extraordinarily hard for this opportunity, going to school for multiple years. Her main job is to make sure that the sophomores are doing what they need to be doing like attendance, grades, and graduation requirements. She also works to get state tests organized and ready to go. She enjoys what she does with great pride and work ethic.

Mrs. Kinnibrugh has 2 children, a junior Brooke who attends Artesia High School and a seventh grader named Braylon who attends Zia Intermediate School. She enjoys reading when she has the time juggling work and home life. She seems to be very enthusiastic, hardworking, and prideful of anything that she does. So welcome Mrs. Kinnibrugh to our family and sophomores thank her for the things she does for you all.