The Kith+Kin Remodel

Yesenia Flores

Changes happen all the time, even to our beloved establishments in our community. Kith + Kin (previously known as ‘Jahva House’) officially opened their doors after remodeling on August 12, 2019. They put in a new coffee bean roaster to start up a roastery which is why the owner, Rob Morrisey, decided to change the name from Jahva House to Kith + Kin. There were too many complications with people not being able to spell it correctly and so Rob decided it would be easier when they start to sell their very own coffee beans in stores. They also put in a new, custom made table in the shape of the state of New Mexico in the back that has charging stations for your electronics. This table is a community table, which means anyone can go back there to sit down and hang out. This remodel is not over though, they plan to put a bakery in the back which should be in a couple of months. So stay tuned for that!