Bulldogs Fall to Cavemen in Season Opener


Bailey Pruitt, Editor

The Bulldog Football team traveled to Carlsbad to face the Cavemen in the season opener game. The Eddy county war took place at 7 PM as Artesia fans crowded the stands. Students from Artesia High filled the student section and cheered on the Dogs.

In the first quarter, the Barrera boys forced a touchdown. Jake Barrera had an outstanding catch pushing the Dogs closer to the end zone. Nathan Barrera then received the ball in the end zone for a touchdown. The Cavemen battled back tying the score in the first quarter and battling back Barrera ran the ball to put the Dogs up 15-7. Carlsbad came back to score another in the second quarter soon followed by a 24-yd run by Senior Clay Houghtaling . Kaden Williams then ran the ball for another TD, 22-14 Artesia. Cavemen answered with two touchdowns in the second quarter and an interception in the third. Carlsbad led 34-28 and in the fourth quarter Cavemen ran in the ball once again, followed by Barrera scoring. Jayven Ortega then intercepted the ball and the Cavemen then intercepted it back, followed by a Carlsbad TD.
The Dogs came up short 48-35 as the fourth quarter ended.

Overall, the Dogs did impressively well for their first game of the season against the 6-A Cavemen. The Eddy County War is always an intense game that Artesians love to attend. The Boys will recover from their shortcomings and improve for the next game at home against Hobbs, Friday the 30th.