Carlsbad High School Vandalizes Bulldog Bowl Night Before Eddy County War


Bailey Pruitt, Editor

On August 22nd at approximately 10:30 PM, the JV football team returned home from Portales to discover the Bulldog Bowl covered in blue balloons and streamers. Students at Carlsbad High School made the 35 mile trip late last night to vandalize the Bulldogs Bowl foreshadowing the Eddy County War taking place on August 23rd.

Players Erik Cueto and Julio Baeza, joined by others, arrived at the bowl late last night to clean the damaged property. The Artesia Football team takes great pride in their facilities and so it’s no surprise the Bowl was cleaned up within 45 minutes of the destruction. The vandalism creates immense tension between Artesia High and Carlsbad High. The football game kicks off at 7 PM tonight and not only are the Dogs fighting for a win, but fighting for respect.

The vandalism wasn’t harmful to the team, instead helpful. The boys, now more than ever, want to crush the cavemen. The Bulldog football season will be kicked off with an extremely competitive game that will set the tone for the rest of the season. Good luck to the Bulldogs and remember, CHS has too much cave and not enough man.