A Short Story: Can’t Last Forever

Hailey Flores, Writer

He Knew It Couldn’t Last Forever. They Are Two Different Beings for she was the opposite of him, she was that of a white rose, pure and kind, her heart made of gold filled with love for everything around her… including him, her eyes that shinned with warmth that will thaw a freezing heart, her singing bringing those all around to come to listen to the angelic voice of woman who was a Goddess to them all. He was none of those things. For he wasn’t light if anything quite the opposite really, he brought death and darkness to everyone around him, he was that of fire his anger for the world fulling his body, for he held no love or kindness for anything until he met her, his beautiful Goddess. To her he was her light in the darkness despite him telling her again and again “How could a creature of darkness be light?” she would always reply with “You may be a creature of darkness but our love for each other shines brighter than the darkness that surrounds us.” Though light can overcome darkness that wasn’t the case when it came to her. A man who wished for her to be his bride asked for her hand and in response she said no, angry that she wouldn’t be his he yelled in rage as he raised his dagger “If I can’t have you no one can!!!” Before the dagger could hit her heart she ran for her life screaming, begging, pleading for help from anyone. Calling out to the baker, the priest, her lover… But you can’t out run darkness… For him he yelled and screamed to the heavens to bring the beautiful goddess back. But it was too late she was gone. He knew that his luck would catch up to him and she had to pay the price. He told her that…

It Couldn’t Last Forever