Jael Frieiria


This year we have added a new Artesia Bulldog from our foreign exchange student program. Her name is Jael Freiria Tomas, she is from Molins de Rei; a small town near the city of Barcelona. She loves to draw, watch television show series, and she can play the ukulele. In Spain she loved to hang out with friends and go to the beaches of Barcelona with her family. She speaks Spanish and Catalan; Catalan is a Spanish language originated from Catalonia.

When Jael started her travel to the United States, she was with two other boys from Barcelona. One went to Alabama and the other to Texas. When she landed in Roswell the Zuniga family became her new temporary family. According to Jael she had jet lag for a while, waking up at 3a.m. wide awake and bored. She has started to be able to talk to her family in Spain and while she is barely waking up for school her family is swimming in the beaches of Barcelona on their vacation.

Jael says that Artesia is bigger than her hometown Molins de Rei and that there is no need for cars at home, everything is walking distance. The food she eats has changed dramatically since coming to the U.S; at home she ate less fast greasy food and more green healthier food. In Barcelona soccer is the sport they turn their televisions to instead of football that we usually think of. She decided to take this amazing opportunity because she is open minded and wants to see the world through other perspectives and learn a new culture. She recommends that you go to the beautiful city of Barcelona for the amazing beaches and beautiful scenery.