My Summer Story

My Summer Story

Shasta Orozco

This summer I went to South Padre Island and to San Antonio Texas.  It was a twelve hour drive from El Paso Texas. We had two vans in total and one van was a fifteen passenger van and the other was a twenty-one passenger van. We left my grandpas house at exactly twelve in the morning on Sunday June 2. We then left to get my other family members and hit the road at one.

Once we hit the road we did one stop at McDonalds and got everyone breakfast and munchies for the long car ride ahead. Mostly everyone fell asleep except for my two uncles who were taking turns driving. So once we get to Brownsville you have to go through the entire city and go straight down and then come to the bridge where you have to cross in order to get to the island. Once you cross the bridge you come up to this big sign that says welcome to South Padre and come to more stop lights. Then you will have to make a left and go straight and you will find all the hotels. We all got checked into our hotel and walked to the back of the hotel and the ocean was basically our backyard.

We did so many things in South Padre I swam in the ocean and did crab hunts at night and picked up seashells. I was the only girl to go deep sea fishing with my uncles and cousins, and they tried pushing me off the fishing boat. On our way back to the island dolphins came up to our boats and swam by our boat as leaving.  We also went on another cruise and it was a pirate show where you walk in and see a magic show and then you load up on a boat and they put on little musical shows. This was such a great experience.

We left South Padre on Thursday and from there it took four hours to get to San Antonio. Once we got to San Antonio we checked into our hotel and then we walked along the river walk and it’s a very nice walk they have restaurants and  gift shops. They also had an amazing boat ride that takes you around and you get to see everything and you even get to listen to the mariachi bands who sound amazing. The next day we got up early and went to six flags and rode a lot of rides which where scary and had a very ecstatic feeling. All the rides that where open where amazing and fun and I loved all the food stands and gift shops that they had open.