How to read your Natal Chart

How to read your Natal Chart

A natal chart, also commonly known as a birth chart, is a chart that maps where all the planets were aligned the exact moment you were born (from our place of birth on Earth). A natal chart can reveal aspects of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and can give you advice on how to advance in life. These natal charts often can reveal the timing certain events that will happen in your life.

Now that we have covered what a natal chart is, how do you discover yours? Well, first you’ll need to calculate your chart. To do this, you’ll need the time, place, and date of when you were born and although you can calculate this without a birth time, it will not be very accurate. You can put all of this information in a website that calculates it for you, or you can download an astrology app like “Co-Star” or “The Pattern”.

Now that you have your birth chart, how exactly do you read it? Well, once you have all of your placements you can see each zodiac sign in each planet and how it affects your personality. Here is a chart describing how each planet takes effect in your life.

Sun- basic personality

Moon- inner self

Rising- How you come across to others

Mercury- How you think or speak

Mars- energy and actions

Venus- how you love

Neptune- how you express yourself

Uranus- change and disruption

Jupiter- fortune and expansions

Saturn- moral convictions

Pluto- deepest secrets

This is what each planet in your birth chart means, if you still are confused on what it all means there are apps that can explain it very well for you such as “Co-Star” and “The Pattern”.