Weekly Horoscope 5/10-5/16

Yesenia Flores

Aries – You want something so bad it hurts, right? You could be up all night wondering how things, in your life, could be different. Something might end up not being as good as you think it will . Perhaps the best route is to free yourself from it.

Taurus – You are building the foundation of your future. The love and attention you put into planning for your future are finally paying off. You need to practice the love and security that you lacked from childhood. Forgive your parents, move on.

Gemini – When you feel left out and like the world is against you, you must try to not let yourself crumble under the stress and sadness of it all. There are better people coming in your future, and better jobs. You’ll be okay. You have a good heart, and good hearts deserve peace.

Cancer – You’re weighing your options this week, can you pick the one that makes the most sense? Can you take your heart off your sleeve and make this decision with rationality? You have a very passionate affair. This is two lovers who want to be together, but so much between them. You will find your independence.

Leo – There is a perfect match. Finding harmony within yourself with someone that sees you for who you are. They accept you and understand your soul more than you ever thought was possible. This is a power dynamic. You’re inspired to start something new and creative. Get ready for a wake-up call.

Virgo – At your darkest hour there will be light, waiting for you. This means you’re going to have to go through some painful moments before something good presents itself to you. One day, you’ll wake up and be happy again. You have waited long for this.

Libra – You’re tired, but you don’t show it. You’re too focused on something else to give in to your weakness. Your desire for something is keeping you above the water. You want the deepest of connections. When you find it, will you be happy?

Scorpio – You’re sad but hopeful. You have a good life, but there is something more that you want. Behind your eyes are many secrets. Will anyone ever truly know you? You need a partnership that is mutually beneficial and giving, not something that is addicting and consuming.

Sagittarius – There is a small quiet voice inside of you saying, “help me.” Your conscious, wants you to help them. You’ve been ignoring the feelings you’ve been bottling up. Instead of dealing with it, you look for distractions.

Capricorn – Your energy feels very pure. You seized the moment, and are starting the journey of love and healing. You’re seeing through the fog, and speaking clearly. You are embracing the fact that healing is painful, no need to fight it.

Aquarius – You are waiting. You might be dealing with an earth sign. Lessons will be learned, pain to feel. This is a tricky situation, almost like you can’t see this situation clearly. There are definitely truths about you that are yet to be revealed.

Pisces – There’s an obsession. Someone or something is keeping your mind occupied, and you’re getting tired. It’s sucking the life from you. All you want is peace and independence. Quiet your mind and start thinking of how you can escape this.