Bailey Pruitt, Editor

March 18th, 2020

In early December of 2019 the first cases of corona virus struck. At the time, we did not know this virus would close in on our nation, our state, and our town. In March, this pandemic ended for what we knew was our senior year. Schools across New Mexico were closed, and Artesia High was put on a three-week break. For safety purposes our spring sports were postponed and then ultimately called off entirely. We couldn’t meet in groups larger than 50 people and travel bans were imposed on international travel and soon traveling between states. This pandemic devastated the seniors of Artesia High. I watched my friends unwillingly give up their sports. No more track meets, golf games, baseball and softball tournaments, and the tennis courts are left without players. The last waning moments of our senior years are ripped from our fingertips. Senior trips are cancelled, concerts are refunded, workforce is restricted, and gyms are closed. The last moments we were supposed to spend with our classmates ended too soon. We are left not knowing what would happen to our prom or the night we are supposed to walk across the stage and receive our diploma. Twelve years of hard work, so close to finishing, and this pandemic is taking it away. Luckily for the students at Artesia High, we are made to overcome these things. Our teachers, administrators, and community have worked and will keep working to ensure COVID-19 will not continue to take away our senior year. Although, this isn’t ideal, life never will be. We wish we could play that sport one more time, travel to that place we had never been, or soak in the last months of school; however, we are greater than this pandemic. In the midst of all this chaos we find a way to stay positive. We know we will get our diploma, travel again, and play that sport one more time. This is not the end of our story it is the beginning of another chapter. 

Romans 8:18

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”