Shasta Orozco, writer

You may have head of Alien’s before and heard that they live out of space and that there color is green. But alien’s primarily refers to extraterrestrial life which does not originate from Earth. Aliens are also though of from technology and science and is introduced as a species that is not native to its environment and can be known for entertainment. There are many movies that included aliens as either a monster or a character that is scary or a character that needs help and is friendly.  They are also known to have a different native environment and can also be known to know different things as we humans don’t know. Aliens are known to have walked the earth and be very smart about things that humans may not know or already understand. Aliens are known to come from their own planet and usually are known to abduct people. We don’t know what to believe as humans about aliens on wither they can harm us or hurt us in any way. I feel like aliens think exactly like us and see us as we see them. If they even do exist then I feel like we should try and communicate and make contact of some sort to make sure they know that none of us want to harm one another.