Weekly Horoscope 3/8-3/14

Aries – You’re very busy. New projects are emerging after finishing old ones. You have little time to rest. You have learned a lot from a mentor or someone you look up to. You’re developing an unbreakable bond this week, with a friend. This friend know your secrets. Don’t be scared to go forward with no clear direction, embrace it.

Taurus – You’re in a constant cycle. You’re dissatisfied with your current state, you’re afraid the past is repeating itself. What can you do differently this time? You need to quit something. There is a long term relationship in its early stages.

Gemini – A fire sign could be interested romantically in you. This comes fast, and you may not see it coming. They are very flirtatious and match your energy. Are you ready for a good time? You have so much work to get done. Something big is coming to an end.

Cancer – You’re possibly dealing with a leo or virgo. It’s a very masculine energy. You’re drawn to them, but they’re so mysterious. This week you could be extremely moody or irritable. Emotional outbursts are likely to happen this week. You seem drawn to check up on someone… constantly.

Leo – A wish you made might backfire on you. What you think you need isn’t actually what you need. The obstacle you have to get over will lead you to something beautiful, but you need to face this! There is always a chance something will go bad, you need faith.

Virgo – Be still, and listen to yourself. You already know the answer. I see you battling with choices and regret oppression. There is still a playful and fun soul inside of you, but you need to let go of your worries. Ask yourself, “what does my soul crave?”

Libra – Someone in this relationship feels alone. One of you is doing all of the romantic gestures. Lets assume its you. No matter if you’re in a relationship or not, you fulfill dreams and happily ever afters. Finances and love are full.

Scorpio – I see two people in competition with each other, it’s a lot of feminine energy. It is also a lot of air and fire energy as well. They’re checking up on you everyday, but you have your own life to worry about. Do you feel stuck? Your dreams are haunted by ex lovers. Expect a gift this week.

Sagittarius – Fulfillment is in store for you this week! Finally, after many nights of sorrow and wishing for change, you get what you’ve been craving. This comes at a price, though. If you want to accept this fulfillment and joy, you need to sacrifice. What do you need to give up?

Capricorn – You are magic and contain everything you need. There is power inside of you, which you’ll explore this week. Projects are getting done, contracts are read and signed, money is coming in. You are self sufficient. For romantic interests- your feelings are valid.

Aquarius – You might not have liked how things ended, but you’re glad that arguments and battles are over. You can move on to something new. Some people know you as timid, but you are growing into yourself and discovering your own voice everyday. True love requires patience.

Pisces – A deep soul to soul connection is forming. This person, whoever they are, is the ground beneath your feet. You are an angel to them. You might be moving a little fast with this person. Trust your instincts, if you feel comfortable, go for it. There is a message in your dreams this week.