Shasta Orozco, writer

A film or movie takes a lot of time and effort to be out together and have all the feelings and emotion in the movie. A film is a visual art-form used to simulate experiences that communicate ideas. The films should have perceptions, feelings, beauty, or atmosphere, which means of recorded or programmed moving images, along with the sound and other sensory stimulations.  The moving images of a film are created by photographing actual scene with a motion-picture camera, by photographing drawings or miniature models using traditional animation techniques. It also includes a combination of some or all of these techniques and as well as the visual effects. The films were recorded onto celluloid film through a photochemical process and then shown through a movie projector onto a large screen. Contemporary films are often fully digital through the entire process of production, distribution and exhibition, while the films recorded in a traditionally included an analogous optical soundtrack. Films are cultural artifacts created by specific cultures. They reflect those cultures and is considered to be an important art form of some source of popular entertainment. Some can be considered important and cause you to want more or cause you to dislike or like the movie. Sometimes the movies may even have an emotional impact on you. Some shows can be addicting and interesting to watch and some can even cause you to get scared and traumatize you.