The Puppet’s Master

Hailey Flores

For years I’ve been your puppet

With every pull, tug, and turn of strings I followed without knowing 

For what I thought was my love for you

Was just an empty feel where I thought it could be love?

You knew my fear and used it to make me yours

For I was a scared girl looking for a man to show her how a young girl was supposed to be loved

Like any puppet I was under your spell

Forever stuck in your hold

For this puppet held herself in dozens of mask

To hide what was deep in her heart

Maybe at one point you held such things as love

But now I’m trying to break free

For this puppet wants to never be held down by man

A man who uses manipulation and anger to keep me under your strings

I feel like a fool 

For it to take me four years to finally see

I was nothing more but your puppet